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Collect FR Tech Co.,Ltd

Qingdao Collect Flame Retardant Tech Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to providing flame retardant solutions and new flame retardant technology development.we independently develops and provides halogen-free flame retardant additive,halogen flame retardant additive,flame retardant smoke suppressant additive,Dust-free flame retardant solutions,eco-friendly filled flame retardant additive,composite flame retardant additive,flame retardant masterbatches.Our flame retardant additives are mainly used in engineering plastics (PVC、ABS、PE、PP、PBT、PA6、PA66、PC/ABS etc),rubber,coatings,polyurethanes,resins,Textile,wood,paper,asphalt,electronics,adhesives,thermal insulation materials and other industries.

We actively cooperates with relevant industry organizations to explore green environmental protection flame retardant system exploration and innovation,and establish research with some customers to develop innovative solutions for flame retardant system and environmental protection.We continuously improves customer service,integrates industrial resources and Innovate technology for providing reliable flame-retardant additives,high-quality services to partners,and promoting industrial progress.

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