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Diibutyl phthalate
Product Name:Diibutyl phthalate
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Diibutyl phthalate

  (CAS No. 84-69-5)

  Product Features:

  DIBP is a colorless transparent oily liquid, Molecular formula C16H22O4, Molecular weight 278.35, Relative Density (d2020) 1.040, and good compatibility with cellulose acetate, polyvinyl chloride and most of resins. It can be used as the toughening agent of cellulose resin, a vinyl resin, nitrile rubber, chlorinated rubber. Its plasticizing capacity is similar to DBP, but volatile, water extraction is bigger than DBP, can be used as a substitute for DBP toxicity coefficient T = 500, not suitable for PVC film.

  Quality Index:




transparent, oily liquid without visible impurities

Chroma / (Pt-Co)#

≤ 35

Purity (%)

≥ 99.0

Density (ρ20) (g/cm3)

1.038 - 1.048

Acid value (mgKOH/g)

≤ 0.12

Moisture (%)

≤ 0.15

Flash point (open) ()

≥ 155

  Packing and Storage:

  200 – 220 kg/drum, plastic drum.

  Store in a cool, ventilated, sheltered, sheltered place, away from high temperature heat sources and open flames, and mixed with oxidants and foods. Packed and packaged and transported as flammable and toxic chemicals.

  DIBP is a toxic chemical that decomposes into irritating fumes by heating. It is highly toxic to aquatic organisms and has a slight irritant effect on human eyes and skin.

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