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The use, packaging, storage and transportation of chlorinated paraffin
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Chlorinated Paraffin-70 is a white or light yellow resin-like solid. The average molecular formula is C25H30Cl22, and the average molecular weight is 1060-1100. Good chemical stability, with excellent flame retardancy, chemical resistance, compatibility, aging resistance and thermal stability. It is an additive flame retardant with excellent comprehensive performance.

is widely used in rubber and plastic products as flame retardant conveyor belts, flame retardant cable materials, fire retardant coatings, polyester, resin glass fiber reinforced plastic, polystyrene, polyethylene, epoxy resin and other flame retardants. Can be used as a fire retardant additive for inks. Modifier in the paper industry. It can also be used in fiber and other industrial fields, as a plasticizer, fabric surface treatment agent, lubricant, etc. Chlorinated Paraffin-70 is a fine chemical product with a wide range of uses.

Chlorinated Paraffin-70 Uses:

Paint grade chlorinated paraffin 70% is specially used for fireproof coatings, anticorrosive coatings and inks. Its high whiteness and low acid value will not affect the color system of the paint when added to the paint, and the low content of free acid will not destroy the balanced system of the paint.

National standard chlorinated paraffin 70% is suitable for general flame-retardant products, flame-retardant rubber conveyor belts, flame-retardant plastics, resins, flame-retardant coatings without color requirements, lubricants, metal cutting oils, modifiers and fabrics in the paper industry Surface treatment agent.

70% high-grade chlorinated paraffin is specially used for cable materials and flame-retardant polyester, resin glass fiber reinforced plastic, polystyrene, polyethylene that require high processing temperature. The 70% higher softening point and thermal decomposition temperature of premium grade chlorinated paraffin make it more stable when heated.

Packaging, storage and transportation:

Store away from the sun, moisture, and overheat. Packed in polypropylene woven bags or composite paper bags, 25kg/bag.

Handle with care when transporting, and do not damage the package.

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