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How much do you know about the application of chlorinated paraffin in different fields?
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As a chlorinated derivative of paraffin hydrocarbons, chlorinated paraffin has stable chemical properties and can also be integrated with oils. It has been widely used in many fields. So, what is the application effect of chlorinated paraffin in different fields? Is there anything to pay attention to? Today, the editor will introduce you to the application-related knowledge of chlorinated paraffin. I hope it will be helpful to you.

LP25 long chain chlorinated paraffin

1. Performance characteristics of chlorinated paraffin

1. Comprehensive performance. It has good flame-retardant durability, moisture-proof, anti-static, anti-softening, anti-compression, low volatility; flame-retardant, good electrical insulation, lubricating and non-slip characteristics, toughening, viscosity-increasing and anti-radiation effects , There are waterproof, insect-proof and anti-corrosion functions.

2, react with oxides. Chlorinated paraffin is usually mixed with antimony trioxide or antimony pentoxide to form a flame retardant. This flame retardant can improve the gloss and abrasion resistance of the ink, and can also play a role in preserving wood and preventing moths.

3. Good stability. Chlorinated paraffin has excellent high-speed scratch resistance, high temperature stability, and anti-sintering function. Not only that, but also can rely on such properties to integrate with grease, while chlorinated paraffin stabilizers also have outstanding oily friction reducing effects. It can effectively enhance the anti-friction and anti-wear effects of chlorinated paraffin extreme pressure agents.

2. The application of chlorinated paraffin in different fields

1. The application of chlorinated paraffin in coatings

Chlorinated paraffin has high chlorine content, low softening temperature, and can decompose and release gas at high temperature, so it has the functions of flame retardant, plasticizing and foaming. It also provides carbon source as a carbon-forming agent. The role of. Chlorinated paraffins are often used in occasions that require high flexibility of the coating, such as cable fireproof coatings.

2. Application in lubricating oil

(1) It acts in lubricating oil. Chlorinated paraffin is a light yellow to yellow oily viscous liquid that can be used as an antiwear agent for high-pressure lubrication and metal cutting. In general, chlorine and sulfur can improve the load-bearing capacity of grease and prevent metal watches from sintering, seizing, and scratching under high load conditions.

(2) Principle of action in lubricating oil. Generally, phosphides have anti-wear properties, and dichlorides and sulfides have extreme pressure properties. In practical applications, extreme pressure antiwear agents are an important grease additive, most of which are compounds containing sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine, lead, and molybdenum. At the same time, chlorine-containing and phosphorus-containing or sulfur-containing compounds have both extreme pressure and anti-wear properties. The chlorides and phosphides in lubricating oil can play a lubricating role in metal objects.

3. Application in pyrotechnics

(1) The role of pyrotechnic agents. Application in pyrotechnics, chlorinated paraffin 6~10% with 70% chlorine content or 2~5% of 70% chlorinated paraffin and 4~8% polyvinyl chloride are mixed and added to the pyrotechnic agent as a chlorine agent to supplement The concentration of chloride ions in the pyrotechnic agent enhances the smoke color effect.

(2) Advantages in pyrotechnics. The use of chlorinated paraffin as a chlorine-giving agent is not only non-toxic and odorless, but also low in price. More importantly, it has a good smoke color effect and good safety performance. It is suitable for the production of various pyrotechnic agents and is an excellent chlorine-giving agent.

4. Application in plastic products

Under normal circumstances, chlorinated paraffin-70 is used in plastic products. It adopts appropriate formula to make soft PVC have cheap, flame-retardant effect and quicker plasticization speed. Its good plasticizing effect is fully compatible with PVC, forming a better combination of suitable viscosity, and increasing the flame retardant performance and tolerance to inorganic additives and pigments.

5. Application in other fields

In addition to some of the fields mentioned above, chlorinated paraffins are also widely used in polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polystyrene and other resins and various rubber products, and are also used in the manufacture of blended fireproof paints and fireproof coatings. It is used in wood preservation, mothproofing and sizing in the paper industry. In addition, it is also used in rubber and plastic flame-retardant conveyor belts, flame-retardant foam floors, indoor and outdoor flame-retardant decorative materials, flame-retardant wires, cables, fire-resistant cotton canvas, It is widely used in anti-static fabrics and anti-skid agents for plastic products, high-pressure lubricants and additives for metal processing and cutting.

3. Precautions for the use of chlorinated paraffin

1. Storage of chlorinated paraffin. When not in use, try to avoid direct sunlight and store it in a cool and ventilated place. Another point is that in winter, chlorinated paraffin will cause the product to be too thick because the temperature is too low, so you should pay attention to the temperature adjustment of the storage place to prevent the chlorinated paraffin from being too thick and affecting the use effect.

2. Transportation of chlorinated paraffin. It must be covered by a shed or plastic cloth. Do not allow rainwater to seep into the barrel through the packaging barrel and emulsify, which will affect the normal use of chlorinated paraffin. In addition, chlorinated paraffin cannot be directly transported by ordinary trucks. Try to use special Truck transportation, and requires a dangerous goods qualification certificate.

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