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Tribromophenoxy- tetrabromobisphenol a carbonate oligomer
Product Name:Tribromophenoxy- tetrabromobisphenol a carbonate oligomer
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Tribromophenoxy- tetrabromobisphenol a carbonate oligomer

  (CAS: 71342-77-3)

  Product features:

  Tribromophenoxytetrabromobisphenol A carbonate oligomer (BR-58) is a white powder, molecular weight is about 3500, the formula is (C7H2Br3O2).(C16H10Br4O3)n.(C6H2Br3O)n=3~5. BR-58 is a brominated and aromatic flame retardant additive for thermoplastic resin systems. BR-58 offers excellent thermal stability, good UV stability and color in the final part.

  Quality index:




≥ 93

Bromine Content (%)


Melting Point (°C)

200 - 230

Volatile at 125°C, 2 hours (%)

≤ 0.2

Weight Loss (1%) (°C)

≥ 370


  BR-58 is a suitable flame retardant in PBT, PET, PBT/PET blends, PC, ABS, ABS/PC blends, Polysulfone and SAN. The UV stability of BR-58 allows it to be formulated for applications subjected to indoor fluorescent and casual outdoor sunlight exposure. Besides, BR-58's high purity makes it a solid choice for applications requiring excellent electrical and thermal properties.

  Packing, storage and transportation:

  Keep in in cool, dry and shading place.

  It is packed by composite paper bag or polypropylene woven bag, 25kg/bag.

  Handle with care during transportation.

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