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Aluminum hypophosphite
Product Name:Aluminum hypophosphite
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Aluminum hypophosphite

  (CAS: 7784-22-7)

  Product features:

  Aluminum hypophosphite (PHA) is a new type of environmentally friendly inorganic phosphorus flame retardant with the chemical formula Al(H2PO2)3.

  Aluminum hypophosphite has high phosphorus content (about 40%), good thermal stability, slightly soluble in water and not easily volatile. Its appearance is white powder or crystal, and its aluminum content is about 12%. It has relatively good mechanical properties and weather resistance during processing, and will neither cause the decomposition of the polymer nor affect the plastic molding composition.

  Aluminum hypophosphite is suitable for flame retardant modification of PP, PA, PBT, PET, TPU, ABS. Used in modified plastics such as PP, PET, PA6, etc., it has achieved high flame retardant effect. The flame retardant properties of polymer compositions containing aluminum hypophosphite flame retardants are relatively high, especially the two modified plastics of PA6 and PET. When PET is added with aluminum hypophosphite, the heat generated during combustion is sharply reduced, and the amount of char formed after combustion is increased. The flame retardant performance reaches UL94 standard V-0, and the flame retardant effect can be increased by 60%. Please pay attention to the appropriate amount of stabilizer, coupling agent, and other phosphorus-nitrogen flame retardants APP, MC or MCA before use; for polyester or polyester TPU, only 8-12 parts of this product are sufficient. Flame retardant requirements; for SEBS, 25-35% shall meet the flame retardant requirements..

  Quality index:





P content (Wt.%)

≥ 40

Al content (Wt.%)

≥ 12.5

Moisture content (Wt.%)

≤ 0.25

Thermal decomposition temperature (°C)

≥ 280

Particle size, D50 (um)

≤ 10


  It’s available for PP, PA, PBT, PET, TPU, ABS, etc.

  Packing, storage and transportation:

  Keep in cool, dry and shading place.

  It is packed by composite paper bag or polypropylene woven bag, 25kg/bag,

  Handle with care during transportation.

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