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Zinc hydroxystannate
Product Name:Zinc hydroxystannate
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Zinc hydroxystannate

  (CAS: 12027-96-2)

  Product features:

  Zinc Hydroxystannate is a white powder, molecular formula is ZnSnO(OH)6, average molecular weight is 286.1.

  It is used as a flame retardant and smoke inhibitor in the plastic industry and Only used in materials temperature is lower than 180℃. It is available to replace antimony trioxide. It is non-toxic and easy to use.

  Quality index:

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White powder

Sn content, (%)

41.5 ± 1.5

Zn content, (%)

22.5 ± 1.5

Moisture content, (%)

≤ 1

Particle size, (um)

≤ 10                       (Accept customized)


  Zinc Hydroxystannate is flame retardant additive and smoke inhibitor in the polymer industry such as plastics, rubber, coatings, etc., are environmentally friendly products that replace antimony trioxide.

  Packing, storage and transportation:

  25 kg/drum

  Plastic drum lined with plastic bag and sealed package

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