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Zinc phosphate
Product Name:Zinc phosphate
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Zinc phosphate

  (CAS: 7779-90-0)

  Product features:

  Zinc Phosphate is a white powder, molecular formula is Zn3(PO4)2, average molecular weight is 386.11.

  It is easily deliquescence, insoluble in water. The apparent density is 0.8 - 1g/cm3. Soluble in inorganic acid, sodium hydroxide, ammonia, ammonium salt solution. Insoluble in water and ethanol. Easily soluble in mineral acid and sodium hydroxide solution. When heated to 100℃, it loses 2 crystal water and becomes anhydrous. Deliquescence. Zinc phosphate is a white non-toxic and pollution-free anti-rust pigment. It can effectively replace the traditional anti-rust pigments containing heavy metal lead and chromium. It is a new anti-rust pigment product with ideal use effect. Zinc phosphate has a strong complexing ability to trivalent iron ions. Phosphate ions react with the iron anode to form a complex protective film with iron phosphate as the main body. This dense purification membrane is insoluble in water, has high hardness, excellent adhesion, and exhibits excellent anti-rust performance. Because the zinc phosphate gene has good activity, it can react with many metal ions to form complexes. Therefore, it has a good anti-rust effect.

  Quality index:

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White powder

Zn content, (%)

≥ 48

PO4, 3- content, (%)

≥ 47

Oil Absorption

25 - 35

PH value

5 - 8

Fineness (325mesh)

99.9% pass


  Flame retardant additive for chlorinated rubber and synthetic polymer materials.

  Packing, storage and transportation:

  25 kg/bag

  By composite paper bag

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